zhiyun crane 3 lab gimbals changes film making

zhiyun crane 3 lab gimbals changes film making

zhiyun the king of making gimbals in the markrt is coming with anew gimbal not one 2 gimbalss they are named as the weeble crane and the crane 3 lab zhiyun. before zhyiun came with gimbals call crane 2 and crane one they occupied the market and they make a big chnage in the film making industry.

when coming more deep in to the weeble crane and crane 3 lab they came with the new style and the they came with new feartures that make every film maker to achive his dreams. That comes with asolid hanhle in previous gimbal the are single handle gimbals .

zhiyungimbals  used to weight a lot and cant hold with one hand now they make it so easy to handle it with hands.

zhiyun gimbal degsin 

zhiyun lab 3 has new handle that aslo have the diffrent buttons in handle that aslo have the 3 battries that gives the battry life has the 12 hours. it has a handle that goes breneath the handle. in belwo they have a stand that can turn to a stand so that gimbal can rest .

the handles comes with the zoom rocker and the rotataion dail adn the button for the aptrature and change the iso. with focus dail thats a very good improvement to have all the dails in at the finger tips. focus control is placed under the underneath where to reach that one handshould reach to that .

whe it comes the play load there is awar going on on this from all companines officially this can load up to 4.5 kgs thats good aboute the gimbal . at the same time they can hold the high weight lens  and the long lens  that are little heavy in weight to handle.


when it comes to this feature it is the best feature that we can just pick the crane 3 lab with out doubt becasue we need a another monitor for the camera becasue we cant see when we are shooting they are very expenive in the market . To slove this isue carne 3 lab the vidoe tramission what we are fiming we can see on the smartphone throught connetcing the smartphobe to the zhyiun crane 3.

now we can tranfer the data while we are shooting adn can seee and use the smartphone as the monitor that saves a lot  money for filmakers. with this they also include the auto tracking the object HDMI port , USB port for camera control , which are limited to certain camera like sony , pansonic Gh5 .

when coming to the price this avaible in the market for 899 $$ and with additinal things are avaible to the gimbal support with them all it si going be cost around 1200$$.

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