Vivo is coming with the new flagship phones on the market in the year 2018 we can see the recent news that they are going to launch their new smartphones NEX A and NEX S, these phones with ut release they become more popular because of the new pop up the camera from the top of the smartphone this is the first smartphone that comes with that feature.Vivo NEX S NEX A POP-UP CAMERA

This also comes with the breezeless display without a display notch the camera on the phone pop out when only it requires this was only known through the viral videos that. We came to see in you tube. The video shows that the camera p[op up only when they open the telegram are the camera is the selfie camera in the nex smartphone.

The first impression shows in the videos show that when they open the telegram app the camera pops out in the  NEX S  this is first spotted in  the chinses viode  in the weibo  and also spotted on the abacus news, in that we also see that they camera popped out in the new message and the open the facebook and the telegram when we close the app the camera go back in to the smartphone.ViVo NEX S NEX A POP UP CAMERA

The news also shows the same kind 0of features in the Tencent QQ browser that we can see on the some of the traveling apps Ctrip, However in this both videos we can see only the partial camera coming out we can know by the sources that the Tencent and QQ browser  that selfie camera, it does not record anything but that was a failure on the Android APIs because of the QR code scanning.

The more depth reports do not officially release by the vivo , they may come up with more news in coming days.

we need to wait for some more time t5o see this phone practically how it is possible in all modes without any hand and the lag





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