Samsung Galaxy X price Release date Rumors

Samsung Galaxy X price Release date Rumors

Fold and unfold out new smartphone coming into the smartphone portfolio,  you Samsung is going to launch the rule new Revolutionary smartphone into the world’s market.

we already know that Samsung is lining of their new S8  and  S9  smartphones. Samsung portrait there in fold-in and fold-out design in CES 2018.That happened recently in London.

if this becomes a reality Samsung is going to lay their milestone in the smartphone history hear that the Galaxy 10. while going into the details CES 2018 meeting has recently held in  London where are all the smartphone companies came up with their new products in the event.

samsung also came up with their new upcoming devices going to come into the market the year 2018. they are like smart TV’s, computers, Home appliances smartphones bought out there phone fold-in and fold-out foldable smartphone.

samsung show that to the world at the same time Samsung also launched Galaxy S9 in the same event 2018. when coming into the Samsung Galaxy phone it is going to be 7.3-inch display. they are going into mass production at the end of the year 2018. as we sen this concept smartphone in the year 2017.

In a concept model thing that there are going to upgrade that smartphone to reach their customers.when it comes to the display of the smartphone we have been corrected to 0.1 mm when it is fold-in and 0.1 mm. when its fold out. design plastic material instead of a Gorilla Glass.

That cannot much fold if this all worked out well as a plan Samsung is going to name it as Galaxy 10. and they already came up with their patents foldable in the year 2017. in this year starting  2018. S8 is going to hit the markets.

This foldable Smartphone and about note smartphones which are expected to be released in the year 2018. In spite of all these the main hidden agenda of Samsung is to hit the Apple sales new foldable smartphones.

Apple is also coming out with a flexible portion iPhone and patents regarding this to make it happen Apple  is  tieing up to the LG to make foldable iPhone

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