Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaks final looks

Samsung Korean based company is now one of the biggest beasts in the market of smartphones . recently we have seen Samsung has changed the game plan and bringing new smartphones into the market within no time in all prices. like A 30, A 50, M 30, A 70, NOTE 9, a lot more at a no time. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaks final looks

samsung want to heap out the market with the wide variety of smartphones in the year 2019 year they came with many smartphones no the rumors are wide spreading aboute the Note 10 , which is expected in the month of august. we can see the leaks on the internet is creating some heat about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This Note 10 is going to have a vertically stacked camera.

based on the leaked sources we gather all the information to give you the best idea how the Samsung galaxy note 10 will have . it is going to come with a punch hole design. it will be in the centre of the phone like that of the s10. the major change is going to be on the back camera set up. The arrangement of the camera is not going to be in the centre but it is going to be on the located on the side.

This is going to unique from all the smartphones in Samsung set up. it may resemble in the smartphone like Huawei p30. The stylus placement which is placed below the rear camera.

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