BOOM finally  with lot of rumours and lot of wait  this is finally in to flesh that is one +5 smart phone like from all the phones from past 3 years they been leaks and fake images and rumours on the phone and this what we really need to know as the one plus is a small a company and the with out any publicity like apple and Samsung and Motorola and lg this was main drawback most of the people dont know about that phone and at the same time the main point is they know the what the customer need and expecting on the phone to see they extremely succeeded in gaining that and using the opportunity to reach to the people

Features : it has Snapdragon 835 ,Adreno 540 , -6gb and 8 GB ram , LPDDR 4 CHIPSET , 64\128 GB STORAGE , BLUETOOTH 5.4 ,3300 MAH BATTERIES  , 5.5 INCH 1080 P AMOLED DISPLAY , UPDATED UNI BODY METAL DESIGN 

Color: black only 

Camera: 16-megapixel f/ 1.7  , 20 megapixel f/2.6 telephoto camera , dual camera 


performance: over all the usage the phone was performing awesome smooth and people who want to try a new phone either they compare with iPhone in spite you can buy that phone and you will definitely satisfied  with the phone and they are not major changes in the phone but the one +5 will reach the expected mark 

price :it was priced around 38000 rs in Indian market it was bit high but worth of it 

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