New Boosted board mini cost 750$

New Boosted board mini cost 750$

Boosted boards are the long electric board that has orange wheels much people don’t know about this but that long electric skateboard that has 4 wheels that run. the boosted board has 4 board already on the market that came with boosted mini in the small version. boosted mini is available the price range of 750 $ . This is the first board that is cheap in the boosted board history.

The boosted board has the 2 version where they are named as the [s] that last up to 7 miles and reached to the top speed 18 miles per hour, and the boosted board {x} reached to the 20 miles per hour with 14 miles top speed. the latest boosted board is priced at the 750$ and it is available to buy on may once again it is the cheapest board that boosted has made.

The mini x boosted board is priced at the price range of 999$ that start shipping in June, this both boards have a kick tail that comes with the 80 mm. wheels these are made new by the boosted.these boards have the 3 different speed modes.That has a big remote that has the same as the lo9ng big boosted board.the mini boosted board is 29.5 inches long and it weighs around 15 pounds and biggest battery make them more weight.

Boosted is coming with another 2 more new boards that are little expensive around 1,399 boosted plus and the 1,599 boosted stealth.They are also shipped in the late may and the late June boosted claims that they come with the more extended battery of 14 miles with a lightweight body, slightly shorter, wide custom deck, made with the new material with all new 85 mm wheels.

The difference between new boards are the boosted stealth and the boosted plus is they have 5 range speed and the plus has the 4 range speed, stealth comes with black and grey deck with grey wheels and some metal pullies to control the high speed, but the plus comes with the orange wheels, underside of this deck comes with the grey and white.




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