LG Smart speakers GOOGLE Assistance

LG Smart speakers GOOGLE Assistance

LG is coming with the new product line of categories they are smart speakers which are going to launch in 2018 as we all know that LG last line of production and Home appliances like tv and refrigerators and washing machines.

so to cash this market the LG has come in to the new product line of categories so now they are have introduced their smart speakers in to the market in the coming year 2018 lately LG has noticed the smart speaker portfolio demand and market for smart speakers recently in this year Samsung Amazon has come with the eco friendly price and size  features  like voice assistance.

in future to make the market alive  LG step ahead and produces there the first line of in 3 different variants LG smart speakers has Google voice assistance.

when it comes to the sound quality of the sound speakers. that comes with voice assistant support. LG speaker is a premium smart speaker included with the Google assistant which produces the high-quality sound and audio output.

At this time we want to remind you that  LG IS the only company that introduced their first radio into the  Korean  60 years back.lg has now come up with a current two different product line of categories inside the best with their amazing Technology.

the sound quality coming into the details of the smart speakers and sound bars that boosted with a  Dolby Atmos SK10Y soundbar.with a portable sound speaker with a voice assistant. as the price details on specifications are not yet known and price.

accordingly, they are going to hit the market in the next year 2018. and at the same time, LG is also coming with the CES Series speaker. with moonlighting with the best sound quality recently we have seen  LG came with the HDR monitor 34 inches ultrawide 5K monitor with 5120, 2160 pixels resolution with the 12: 9 aspect ratio.

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