Fitbit kicks Pebble End June 30

Fitbit kicks Pebble End June 30

Fitbit wants to help out the pebble for few more time until June 30, 2018, to make more customers and give the hand for the pebble but according to the news, the Fitbit need to end it contract of helping in the year 2017. but suddenly Fitbit took a decision to the extent 6 more months to support in producing all pebble smartwatches.

At the same time after the June 30, they won’t be any android updates this was written on the official blog of the Fitbit actually Fitbit is giving the software support for the Pebble smartwatches.

pebble used to continue the smartwatches and the apps after the June 30 but the updates are not available and they are going cease the further updates this leads to the end of the app store not only one but few more like SMS email replies,  voice recognition, pebble forum, third-party apps and the pebble cloud. The current version has the 8.1 oreo version with ios.

when it coming to the price tag it is available at  RS 22,990 Fitbit is available in India from February.

Fitbit and the pebble combined to work in the year 2016  they produced the Pebble OS and the Fitbit OS that lies in the middle of the smartwatch. fitbit believes that the Fitbit OS will remind them the Pebble OS which can cause them a switch.

For that Fit BIt is offering a $62 of discount for the pebble users to drag them towards the Fitbit on there all smartwatches and the iconic devices.

in future, we may expect that Fit Bit may extend the help from June but it does not look like they are going to do that but sure we can say that the pebble has the gain the much befits from the Fitbit OS.

At this point, if the pebble lost the support of the Fitbit at the future times that they are going to lose everything that will be a very difficult move for them so let’s see what going to happen.


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