DJI RONIN S gimbal for dslrs and mirrorless

DJI RONIN S gimbal for dslrs and mirrorless

In the world of the drones, we all know the DJI has made their mark and now they are coming with the new kind of product that helps for the videography with DSLR that change the world of filmmaking from DJI RONIN S gimbal for DSLRs and mirrorless

we already have seen more gimbals like ronin M  and some more but first time they are coming with the single hand gimbal that can handle the play load of 3.7 kgs

well getting more in to the details about the Ronin S  it  is priced at the price range of $ 699 and it looks so fantastic in the hand with a premium look and the metal is so smoothly finished. with a black body. from the day it was shown in the CES 2108. filmmakers are waiting for eargelt\y for months to see the performance of the Ronin S.


This gimbal is attractive and heavy made with a first class metal that gives you a confidant to hold with one hand and it looks so heavy in the hand. This is a three-axis gimbal that can take the video in around a circle moment. the main attraction to the gimbal is that the gimbals already there in the market have problems in seeing the display of the camera.

while we are shooting by seeing t5his DJI came with the solution by making the play head more above the rod so that we can see the camera display that is really helpful at the time of the shooting.DJI RONIN S gimbal for dslrs and mirrorless

Dji gimbal ahs the different parts hide in one body like a battery it gives the power up to 12 hours of single charge and the on the single rod we can see the different keys like a joystick to move the gimbal in different directions like up and down and the left and right including with that.

we have different modes of buttons for starting the recording and the taking the images , a starting button  that power on the gimbal and the 3 different modes D 1, 2 MODES . while we are recording the gimbal do not have any shakes and give a smooth movement and the slow motion low angle top angel videos.

Finally, gimbal has brought new features into the market and  beat the follow competitors in the market with this new technology

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