DJI OcuSync Camera

DJI Goggles RE racing edition

DJI Goggles RE racing edition


DJI  the name it self-speak and sound so loud they created a new Era by introducing the drones in to portfolio they have introduced the many varieties of  Drone sent in to the market they are Phantom, spark, MAVIC PRO, MAVIC PLATINIUM camera INSPIRE  now they are coming with DJI Goggles RE free DJI introduced the racing edition [RE ] that takes the flying of drone in to next level DJI Goggles RE racing edition is the answer to many questions

That has DJI OcuSync Camera transmission is there attachable with antennas google brings FPV to any vehicle you want letting you truly free from restrictions DJI OcuSync Camera

This DJ Google connect with all the devices like DJI Mavic,  phantom and inspire auto sync duel band 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz wireless transmission performs the video without any lag in 50 milliseconds and connected to the 12 vehicles the time

DJI Goggles RE racing edition

so that fly race with the time without any interference the built-in DVR recorder records 960 p 850 frames 720 pH 60 frames and 480Pat 50 frames the camera covers 148 degrees so that we can see whatever angle we want to see the allow to see the exact things while we flying the vehicle it has 5.8 GHz receiver

DJ Google made up of metallic black visor with dinner finish of red leather with a headband this is perfectly in your head and can adjust

where the good news was they not only used for the drones they can also sync with Land and water vehicles that a real and useful feature and the

Bad news of this was it was it was highly expensive by the DJI OcuSync Camera  available at dollars $549 if you include the hey system then it raises up to $859 where that was nearly a price of drone-like Mavic Pro

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