Dell XPS 13 Laptop price,specifications

Dell XPS 13 Laptop price,specifications

In the year 2018 Dell has come up with a xps 13 laptop this new version of the laptop amazing design with the white finish glass fiberglass body. that comes in the white color. when it comes to the specifications of this laptop this is the thinnest laptop.

The climate as and US brand laptop after the uses of the top for more than 1000 days.let’s go more into the Dell XPS 13 Laptop price,specifications.

The laptop has finishing body that gives a premium look main advantage of this laptop is that the strains like dust and hand mark pen marks cannot be withheld on the laptop they can wipe out easily.

when it comes to the price Dell XPS 13 is price $ 999 this is going to available for buy from January 4th no more details are given about the releasing date of this laptop in India are any other countries.

some of the attractive features of this laptop were this laptop does not heat if you have used it for a long time also because of the laptop rapidly without heating for using for a lot more hours when it comes to the locations of the laptop.

Dell XPS 13 is a 13-inch laptop comes with the  Infinity edge display that plays HD 4K high resolution this laptop. is this thinnest laptop which was available in the market at present this laptop has a bezels bottom of the screen super technical change XPS 13.

Dell XPS 13 runs on the quad-core i3 Generation Intel Core processor that when it comes to the specifications is we can use the laptop for 20 hours. by using it for playing the game watching the videos HD videos use continuously the 4K video.

where you up to 11 hours teen also have to USB type C adaptor under all the things including the charger that also comes in the with white color looks so premium.

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