Apple's Patent Stylus Pencil 2018 can write mid air

Apple’s Patent Stylus Pencil 2018 can write mid air

Apple pencil 2018 new patent is planning to launch some innovative things in the year 2018 Apple is made a new patent and they named it as the content using electronic input device.

Apple is working on this new device and this suddenly attracted the market. That design is creating some news buzz around the world.Apple pencil 2018 new patent came out by the news channel.

Tech Tastic which is Netherland based has spotted the new patent and came with this news the main concept is that they are introducing the stylus.

which can write on any surface and that data is transfer to any device. this patent was done by Apple in the last year 2017 and the now they bought this news in the month January 2018.

This patent claims that device will connect directly to the external sensor that can track the stroke duration that was connected three-dimension motion this all data sent to the devices by same radio frequency to the senors.

stylus replaces that all devices like your expensive all the laptop and the tablets that take all your dollars with this help of this we can do a lot more things easy. Like painting, sketching, writing, preparing notes for powerpoint slides during the presentation and designing an own design on your laptop.

As this, all explain about the sample model as the sensor is attached to the devices that calculate that measures your writing inputs that are closely connected. To the nearby devices, some other images portrait that they are connected to the VR style that is connected to the room.

some of the other stylus like that which are in the market HTC VIve, Google tilt brush, they allow us to sketch the 3D. but the apple stylus port to the 2D screens and Apple is thinking to come with the 3D glasses that allow you draw the 3D buy seeing the surroundings.

The Apple stylus comes with the accelerometer this is similar to the Oculus touch and the 3D sensor allows keep track positioning the apple pencil currently working on iPad pro. we don’t know more details we this is going to come into the markets.


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