Apple's Home Pod Release February 9

Apple’s Home Pod Release February 9

Apple is coming up with a new home pod this going to launch officially on the February 9 and then they named it as the Home Pod as we all well know that home pod is a voice assistant. that became so popular in the year 2016 and we saw videos that went viral on the youtube.

Apple is coming with Home Pod after 3 years as we see many competitors came into the market fro  Samsung, amazon echo, Google home they came in the year 2017 actually apple plans to bring the  Home pod in 2017 December due to the holiday shopping offers the apple delayed the launch the Home pod.

when it comes to the price of the home pod it is priced at the $350 which assume to be the premium device when compared to the price of the Google home is $400.

which consider as the expensive and the least price of the assistance is $130. And the Amazon echo is priced at the price of the $150 which is also a speaker not only a voice assistance.

let’s get more details about the apple home pod audio quality is the very high extent as this not only works as the Siri voice assistance but more than that as a speaker.

Apple is taking care of much about this much because they want to compete in the market with there product and produce the variety of sound good music.As the home max feature is to adjust the sound to the size and conditions of the environment that automatically adjust the sound.

to explain if we keep the home pod beside a wall it will adjust the sound and then if we keep the home pod in the center of the room it will sound in another way and then it was built with the preload songs  from the Apple Music’s 45 million song . and at the same it it can play a complete a random song when we command hey Siri play a song that was completely different.






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